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Benefit Administration Handled for You

No matter how complex a product or how many products offered, we manage the administration process so you don’t have to.  As your outsource partner, we save you time and money so you can focus on your primary business functions.

Group setup

We build custom enrollment websites, also known as groups, for clients and their affiliates. After receiving a new group request, we set up a group account in 3eG with demographics, contacts, and business rules for enrollment, products and billing.

Product and rate build

We build products offered by various providers and carriers. Set-up includes content, rating methodology, underwriting criteria, state restrictions, limits, exclusions, and disclaimers.

Online enrollment

Demographic info, products, coverage tiers, and payment method is collected. Products are paid for either through a member’s credit card or payroll deductions.

Customer changes

Our experienced Account Specialists help with complex changes as requested by our clients. Changes to customer accounts for demographics, plans or terminations are handled through automated file processing.

Provider integration

We work with product providers to build secure, accurate and timely integrations to send aggregated customer data across groups. Customers can sign up for benefits or change their info through various formats. We monitor for correctness and send downstream to vendors.

Commission & fee disbursement

Commissions and fees are specified for each product and group. Commission checks are issued based on payments received for customers enrolled. Premium and fees are issued to appropriate vendors via check or direct deposit.

A/R management

We provide bank reconciliation and Accounts Receivable reporting. Certified letters are sent with outstanding amounts due. Declined and expiring credit cards are also managed with specialized letters and timeframes.


List bills are provided to employer-paid, voluntary, or payroll-deducted groups. Bills are automated and can be configured to your specifications. Direct-to-consumer (credit, debit, ACH) options are also available.

Payment transactions

Products are elected and paid for on a monthly or subscription basis through a member’s credit card, debit card, ACH, or payroll deductions.

Customized Enrollment Websites

We build you a website that includes a shopping cart experience and every product you want to offer. This site is mobile friendly and branded to blend with your existing online presence. If you work with client groups—such as employers, associations, and affinity and distribution partners—your website can be duplicated and include your clients’ logo.

White Labeled Website

Benefit Marketing Email Campaigns

Our benefit marketing email campaigns engage your customers to help drive enrollment and retention. We also provide ongoing educational information. This helps build trust and positively impacts future cross-selling opportunities.

Marketing Email Campaign Example

Self-Service Portal with Easy Access to Data

Enroll your customers, access meaningful member data, download reports, and process changes and cancellations. All on one easy-to-use portal that can be set with access levels for you, your clients, and your distribution partners.

Client Portal

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